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ValueSet: FR Core ValueSet BodyPosition

Official URL: Version: 2.0.1
Active as of 2024-04-16 Computable Name: FRCoreValueSetHeightBodyPosition

ValueSet Body Position


Logical Definition (CLD)

This value set includes codes based on the following rules:



Expansion based on SNOMED CT International edition 01-févr. 2024

This value set expansion contains 58 concepts.

  10904000 body position
  272533000 long-standing
  272534006 in water
  272535007 in water
  272536008 in water holding rail
  272537004 in water facing side
  272538009 in water side towards
  272539001 standing in water towards rail
  272540004 standing in water away from rail
  404927005 standing position (finding)
  102538003 body position
  1240000 body position
  14205002 position
  17535004 in bed
  26527006 Trendelenburg position
  30212006's position
  32185000 decubitus position
  34026001 position
  34106002 position
  40199007 body position
  102535000 lateral decubitus position
  102536004 lateral decubitus position
  272559002 and quarter turn to right - foot bed raised 14 inches
  272560007 and quarter turn to left - bed tipped 14 inches
  272561006 - foot bed raised 18 inches
  272562004 with pillow under hips
  272563009 with pillow under hips - foot bed raised 18 inches
  272564003 on a horse
  272566001 side-lying
  272567005 side-lying
  272568000 position
  272569008 position with broken table
  272570009 side-lying with 45 degree turn onto face and pillows under shoulders
  272571008 side-lying with 45 degree turn onto face
  272572001 - foot bed raised 18 inches
  272573006 position
  272580008 position
  272587006 with tilt
  272595005 sideways on a horse
  312995000 on a Relton Hall frame
  397888006 in supine position with hip support (finding)
  414585002 lateral tilt (finding)
  415346000 lateral tilt (finding)
  416971003 lithotomy position - Lloyd Davis (finding)
  426408003's position (finding)
  429628009 modified Fowler's position (finding)
  447756006 surgical position (finding)
  1172960007 body position for enteral nutrition administration
  1172962004 body position for enteral nutrition administration

Explanation of the columns that may appear on this page:

Level A few code lists that FHIR defines are hierarchical - each code is assigned a level. In this scheme, some codes are under other codes, and imply that the code they are under also applies
System The source of the definition of the code (when the value set draws in codes defined elsewhere)
Code The code (used as the code in the resource instance)
Display The display (used in the display element of a Coding). If there is no display, implementers should not simply display the code, but map the concept into their application
Definition An explanation of the meaning of the concept
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